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The Making of Pets

An exclusive film which goes behind the scenes during filming of the second series of Pets at Elstree Millennium Studios. Meet the writers, the producers, the designers and the puppeteers and voice talent who helped to bring the show to life.

Conspiracy Theory (Series 1, Ep 8)

When Hamish sets out to uncover the truth behind the assassination of JFK, he learns more than he ever wanted to know about his house mates. Meanwhile, the parrot develops an almost unnatural interest in certain flavours of ice cream, and the worms in Trevor’s stomach remember the 1960s.

Reincarnation (Series 2, Ep 10)

Hamish dies, goes to heaven and is brought back to life by Trevor. To his horror he then discovers that when he was dead he was “reincarnated as Trevor”. In the meantime, the parrot becomes convinced that in a previous life he was an international rock star.

Satan (Series 2, Ep 8)

Trevor demonstrates his extensive knowledge of the Black Arts and plans to conjure Beelzebub in the living room. In the meantime, JP claims to have seen Satan buying a copy of the Daily Telegraph in WH Smiths.