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Conspiracy Theory (Series 1, Ep 8)

When Hamish sets out to uncover the truth behind the assassination of JFK, he learns more than he ever wanted to know about his house mates. Meanwhile, the parrot develops an almost unnatural interest in certain flavours of ice cream, and the worms in Trevor’s stomach remember the 1960s.

Business (Series 1, Ep 13)

When Hamish is made head of a notorious Mafia family, he orders the parrot to kill Trevor. In the meantime, Hamish seems to be having more than a little trouble with his “arsegrapes”.

Consider Yourself (Series 1, Ep 6)

Trevor assumes the guise of Sherlock Holmes in order to solve, once and for all, the mystery of Jack the Ripper, while Hamish discovers the delights of having sex with a Victorian washstand.